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    April 9, 2019
    poopy diaper, bdsmmommy, scat kink

    Scat Instructions From Your Mommy

    How are you doing with your scat fetish, hmm? Too weak to stop thinking about it, aren’t you, and not nearly strong enough to indulge yourself because of how shameful you feel. You need guidance and instruction from a dommy mommy, someone to tell you just what to do with the filthy shit that you fill your adult diaper with. I could tell you to play with it, to shove your hand inside your diaper, filling your palm up with that stinky mess to smear it across your face, your chest, your stomach.  Would you be crying out of shame or moaning with pleasure while you did what you were told? When I told you to lick your fingers clean, would you be pleading with me not to make you do it, even while I could here the dirty slurping noises of you sucking your own shit off your fingers? I really want to know the answers to my questions, so call me for some dirty diaper phone sex and tell me? Lucy 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex Mommy! #adultbaby #abdlmommy #abdldiaper #messydiaper #scatkink
    February 10, 2019

    Deep-Throating Your Abdl Mommy

    If you were feeling like a naughty dominant abdl one day, would you like to deep-throat Mommy? Would you like to hold her head in place while you fuck her mouth, shoving it down her throat until her nose is pressed against your crotch hair.  Your diaper crinkles loudly while you rock your hips, and the way the diaper pulls around your balls from where you tucked it under to pull your cock out gets you even more excited! Wrap your hands around the back of her head, and jackhammer your cock inside her throat, not slowing down a bit while you can feel her throat spasming while she gags around you.  It won’t take long before you will be shooting cum down the back of her throat or pulling out to cover her face with it! Why don’t you call for some submissive mommy phonesex, tell me just how badly you want to do this? Bane 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex Mommy! #dominantabdl #submissivemommy #deepthroating
    January 30, 2019

    Make Me Your Humiliation Slut

    Do you want to humiliate and debase me as a filthy useless pain bitch? I will debase myself for your amusement, I will take whatever embarrassing treatment you give me as my due.  I want you to slap me, laugh at me, cause me pain to remind me, to reaffirm just how pathetic I am.   Tell me what you want me to do for your amusement.  I’ll be your nasty piggy slut that you can let your friends fuck anyway they want, I’m so desperate for cock that I will take it anyway I can get it! Stretch out every hole I have until they are gaping messes with cum leaking out of them.  Make me drip hot wax anywhere on my body, make me use clamps on my nipples.  Abuse me until every inch of me is sore and aching so that I can thank you for every punishment.  I need you to put me in my place.  Call me for bdsm phonesex to tell me what my punishments will be. Cathy 1-888-430-2010 #bdsmphonesex #painbitch #piggyslut  
    January 27, 2019

    Mikey’s Baby Day Pt 3

    “Baby Mikey!” Mommy purred down at her helpless diaper slave “We need to make a trip to the baby store today to get you more diapers!” ABDL Mikey blushed at the mere idea of having to go out in his adult baby diapers, it was embarrassing enough having his domme girlfriend know about his humiliation fetish and age regression kinks but now she wanted to take him out in public like this! And to make matters worse, the confusing mix of shame and arousal had his cock rock hard as she changed him, making her laugh at him even more. She finished diapering him and picked out a cute adult baby onesie for him to wear, and some short-alls. Even out in public everyone would be able to see what a pathetic diaper bitch he truly was! XOXO Mommy Jackie 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy #domme #bdsm #diaperpunishment

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