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    July 31, 2019
    phoneamommy, male submissive, female domination

    Forced Cock Milking

    Steve cried out aloud, pain and pleasure all mixed up as his balls clenched tight again when Aunt Brenda slid her fingers across his prostate.  His cock spasmed, so weak after all the orgasms she had forced him to have that his cum just leaked out, no force behind it all.  He gasped and moaned into the bench beneath him, barely able to catch his breath, listening to the sound of Aunt Brenda’s nails tapping against the glass cup she had underneath him to catch all of his sperm.  “It’s almost full, dear. A few more cock milking sessions and I’m sure you’ll be done!”, she said.  “I told you that I would make you come more than you ever had, and I’m going to do that…even when you’re finally begging me to stop.” She had said that, but he hadn’t realized this is what she meant! She had told him that he could take his chastity cage off today, and keep it off… if he manage not to say a word while she made him come. He didn’t give it a thought and agreed, smirking and one hundred percent positive there wasn’t any trick she knew that could make him say anything, not thinking to ask her for how long she was going to make him come or for how many times.  She tied him to a bench after taking off the cage and now multiple orgasms in he really was close to begging her to stop touching him […]
    July 27, 2019

    Femdom Phone Sex Mommy

    There is something so satisfying about bringing an alpha male to his knees before me and making him beg and plead for me to make him into the perfect little sissy slut. The mere thought brings a smile to my lips and a million wicked ideas into my head. One of my favorite things to do after I get one into this most perfect position, is to strip away any trace of their masculinity. What does this mean? Well… first it means making sure that we get rid of any pants, boxers, or other male gender defining articles of clothing. Next, we get to pick out my prettiest pair of bra and panties and have him give them a whirl! By this point, I can already see that cock getting hard in my panties, and little beads of pre-cum are darkening the silk hiding your bits as best as they can despite your growing excitement. I know that you love this strict training and humiliation. In the real world you have always gotten your way, but here with me, you are forced with the stark reality that I am in charge, and what I say is what goes. We need to get that tight little bottom ready to take whatever I think should go in it at any given time, so I am grabbing my next training tools which just so happen to be a cute set of butt plugs in varying sizes. I go for one near the middle […]
    July 18, 2019
    diaper sissy

    Mommy’s Sissy Maid

    Well, well, well, what have we here? A naughty boy caught in Mommy’s pantyhose drawer again! No matter how many times I put you over my knee for a harsh punishment spanking you just don’t seem to learn your lesson, do you? Well if you love playing with Mommy’s sexy pantyhose so much let’s see how much you like it when I dress you up in them and have you serve me and my friends an afternoon tea! That’s right- if you’re going to act like a naughty little sissy behind my back you should be put on display as such. Let’s get you all dolled up from head to toe, frilly sissy dress, layers and layers of ruffled petticoats and of course those pantyhose that got you into this whole mess, sugar. You’re Mommy’s sissy maid now! XOXO Mommy Jackie 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy #mommysex #fetishphonesex #bdsm
    June 30, 2019
    dominatrix, crop, spanking

    Sweet Teasing Dominant Mommy

    Having a bdsm mommy doesn’t have to mean having a mean mommy all the time, now does it? Submitting, being tied to the bed and blindfolded while I tease you with whatever I choose to should get you more than a little excited! You will be laid out, bare of everything except your diaper and exposed, on pins and needles thinking of nothing else but what I might use on you next. Everything is an option, ice cubes, crops, a feather, belt buckle, to my fingers and tongue. There isn’t a thing wrong with mommy indulging in a little bondage kink to please both of you!  I can’t help but wonder how long I could tease you before you started to beg to be allowed to come? I may give you permission right away… but where’s the fun in that? I want to hear how desperate you can get! Call me for kinky phone sex so I can hear every moan! Rosette 1-888-430-2010 #kinkyphonesex #bondagekink #dommymommy

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