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August 19, 2021

Nurse Olivia Conducts CBT On Her Patient Patrick

A little bdsm in my medical office never really hurt anyone – well… maybe just a little bit. As a naughty nurse it was wonderful to see my patient Patrick come in to visit me on his day off.  He knew that he was long overdue for an examination and I am the only person that knew exactly how to take care of him. He walked in weakly to my medical office and I took off all of his clothes.  I had him stand in front of me as I grabbed his balls with one hand and with the other I grabbed his dick.  I pulled and twisted them both and pulled them apart with all of my might and he screamed in pain and sorrow. Tears streamed down his face as he cried profusely. He tried to pull free but I gripped him even harder.  Then I took my teeth and sunk them into his cock and I bit down hard and started to chew on it.  I chomped on it as if it was a pork chop, I made sure to leave little teeth indents in his manly meat.  I wanted to scar his cock so every single day for the rest of his life whenever he got naked,  took a piss or tried to fuck he would see the scarring that I left on his schlong and he would think about me. After I tore the skin and I drew blood, I drank from his dick like […]
August 16, 2021
bdsm mommy

I Am Siren And I Will Do With My Submissives However I Choose.

I am always happy to display a nice piece of fiery siren hell on the bodies of submissives when I engage in my bdsm dominatrix roleplay and they have no say so in the matter. Starting with bondage fetish is my favorite when I tie up my helpless submissives in my dungeon. One at a time I will have my little slaves lined up one at a time naked against the wall and their hands will be bound. I want to have easy access to their flaccid dicks so I can torture them. I will decide at that moment what I want to use, whether it be candle wax on their dicks, needles through their dicks or whether I chose to spank their dicks and balls with my paddle. I believe that pain builds character and I won’t have any characterless pricks on my watch. When I say to bend the fuck over – you better believe that these little fucks have to listen to what I say. I like to use my biggest strap-on when I run a train on my submissives and fuck the in their assholes raw and I want to do it consistently until I rip their anuses and out of the tears a trickle of blood falls. You are not a man or in charge when you are in my presence. You asshole is mine and so is your dick. When I am your mistress, you are my property and that means I will do […]
July 19, 2021
cock and ball torture

My Heel Is Going To Be Firmly Pressed Against Your Balls

Don’t fool yourself and think that you are calling me, Mommy Tawny for a little nonsense fun role-play, you are calling me for bdsm phone sex that specifically deals with cock and ball torture, otherwise known as cbt phone sex. This type of dominatrix phone sex is not for the faint of heart.  It is for those who appreciate the pleasure and the beauty of pain and understand that when you have a dominant who can take you to the edge and not push you over – you need to consider yourself, very lucky. I love to role play and I love to roll balls and penises under the press of my bare feet and when I want to take it up a notch or two, I will get all glammed up in my boots and press my heels against the contents of your crotch.  You don’t necessarily have to do anything wrong for this to happen, it only requires me to be in that special ball crushing mood and if you are here and I know what you have buried between your legs – that simply means that is it time to take those balls and penis out – tie them up so that cannot move and then press the heel of my boots against them.  Don’t cry and wince too much because this is just the warm-up phase of the roleplay, there are more things that await you and I know that you long for that type of treatment.  Your […]
July 11, 2021
slave boy

Aunt Brenda’s Submissive Jack

Jack was told to disrobe completely and get on his knees when he called me.  This was something that he was expected to do each time he placed a bdsm phone sex call to me.  When he called me for dominatrix phone sex I could hear it in his voice that he was masturbating.  The consistent panting and the shuffling movements of the phone that he held made me know that he was dibbling and dabbling in something sexy on the other side of the phone line.  I asked him to tell me what he was up to and I heard him hesitate. He wanted to tell me but he was terrified because he knew that he had messed up.  The way that he messed up was that he decided to pleasure himself without my permission. The thing that he ought to have known already was that his entire body – from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet belongs to me.  And just to make sure that he understood, he was told to spank his buttocks and count down from ten to one.  I heard lash after lash as he slapped his ass over and over again and he yelped, screamed and cried as the sting of his hand burned his buttocks. Then it was time for him to endure cbt phone sex which is one of my favorites.  He was told to get his shoelaces and take them out of his sneakers.  After that […]
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