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May 1, 2022

Diaper Time

    BDSM Mommy Catalina here and I can’t wait to make you my little bitch.  You will be forced into a diaper and then you will use it as I tell you.  You will be a good little slut and do as you’re told.  And if you have to be told more than once, mommy will have to punish you.  And mommy will enjoy that as well. Diaper domination is necessary when it comes to controlling you and your libido.  Mommy will make sure that cock gets plenty of attention, if you’re deserving.   And mommy decides whether or not you’re deserving of gratification.  Mommy owns you and you are mine to do with as I want.  You will beg me to let you cum and I will either deny you or let you squirt, depending on my mood. And while you are trying not to explode until you have mommy’s permission, mommy will be playing with her other little trollop.  Mommy thoroughly enjoys making her fill her diaper.  She has no choice when she’s all tied up with no place to go, but in her diaper.  Mommy likes to see that diaper darken and get heavier with each piss and shit. There’s nothing more controlling than messy diaper bondage.  And mommy loves to have ultimate control.  A snap of my fingers and you again fill your diaper.  You can’t stop yourself, no matter how hard you try not to make a dirty mess in your diaper, all mommy has […]
January 30, 2022

Submissive Cherry Loves Being Slutty

My name is submissive Cherry and I love being slutty. I just can’t help it because I think that it is part of my nature. Just like how there are people who are open and there are people who are shy, being slutty is who I was always meant to be. I remember way back when I was a little schoolgirl and I did not understand the work that the teacher would give the class. I would look for the smartest kid in the class and it would not matter if it was a boy or a girl. I would make sure to make friends with them as soon as possible so I could seduce them, and my plan always worked. At that tender age in school, I knew the power of my pussy and I was not afraid to use it. I allowed for others to use me for sex just as I was using them for good grades. And believe it or not, I just happened to end up being the Valedictorian of the school. While I was on stage at the podium giving my speeches, and I looked across the room at the audience, I could literally count an entire slew of students that actually had their mouths on my pussy hole as they sucked my soul put of me when they are my pussy. This was a great turning point for me and I realized that I was a life-long slut and I did not dare […]
December 26, 2021

Mommy’s Got You

  Just sit back at let mommy tell you some femdom stories.  Let mommy take you to the brink of release over and over.  Mommy will tease and torture you until you’re begging to cum for mommy.  Mommy will have you wishing you were the subject of my story.  So desperately wanting to be the adult baby that mommy was playing with. Wanting to be the little one mommy was controlling, the baby at mommy’s beck and call.  And with a femdom chastity cage, you would be exactly that… a little one for mommy to do with as she pleases.  And mommy will do just about anything she wants with you.  Actually, mommy will do anything and everything she wants to and with you. And just know, that mommy will be using all your bodily discharge, waste and fluids for her pleasure.  Femdom scat play is very therapeutic for both mommy and baby.  A little dirty fun every now and again is good for everyone involved.  Mommy will fuck you and use you until you shit yourself.  Then mommy will use your stinky mess as lube for a big round butt plug.  A plug that mommy will shove between your cheeks and use to stretch your puckered asshole. Then your trapped peepee will throb and twitch in your little cage.  Every time you move, the sensation of the plug stretching you causes your little cock to drip.  Good thing you have a diaper on.  A poopy, dripping little sissy can […]
December 19, 2021

Cherry Loves To Eat Her Berries From Her Own Cunt

I am Cherry and I love to eat lots of different berries from my own cunt.  It does not matter what kind of berries that go in there.  I will go to the store, fully knowing about what is going to happen later when I get inside of the house.  No one on line knows exactly what is going to happen, they probably think that I am going to go and make a salad but ‘boy-oh-boy” are they wrong, lol. I daydream as I stand there in line fully fantasizing about what berry I will use first to push inside of myself and then that is when the creaminess of my pussy begins to happen.  Then I pay for the berries and run to the bus and get home as fast as I can and then I race to the kitchen to wash the berries then I out them all in a bowl (along with a bottle of whipped cream at my side) and I race upstairs to my bedroom, tossing my clothing off of me as I run along to my bed. I wish there was someone here to tie me up and forcefully push the berries one after another into my waiting cunt, but unfortunately I am not so lucky.  It looks like I will have to wait until next time for that to happen. I do indeed love bondage fetish as it really turns me on because it puts me in a vulnerable position where I am […]