Crissy’s Emailed Fantasies: Chapter 7
March 6, 2016
Diaper Punishment With Mommy Ava
May 8, 2016


I grabbed the little Adult Baby Boy by the ear and dragged him out of the closet.  “So you like to spy on Mommy when she is taking off her clothes and playing with her nice wet pussy do you”?  Well I had just the thing for this little pervert.  I stripped him out of his Adult Baby Boy clothes and took him over my knees and then picked up the princess paddle and brought it down hard on his bottom.  Over and over I paddled him till I had his bottom nice and candy apple red.  Then I sent him to the corner to think about what he just did and why he was crying in the corner.  I went and slipped on my harness and ordered him out of the corner and to crawl on all fours to me.  Once he was in front of me I told him open your mouth and close your eyes.  “But why”, he exclaimed!  Crack, I smacked him right across the face until he opened his mouth so I could force feed him my nice sized cock.  I made him gag on it for a minute before I told him get up and kneel over the end of the bed.  Once I had him kneeling I told him it was time I popped his cherry and I lubed his ass up nice and wet.  Then I stuck the end of my nice hard cock in his ass and fucked him hard while telling him from now on he will be my Adult Baby Girl.  Like this, well I have plenty of more ideas for you, just call me for some Domme Phone Sex.



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