MILF Tawny
February 20, 2016
Domme Mommy Knows Best
February 22, 2016

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My regular sissy boys are usually so well behaved, but sometimes they need to be spanked just like anyone else! Boys or girls, sissies or not, get thrown across my lap for swift spankings on their bare bottoms when they misbehave. Those sissies who usually behave always cry out for mommy to stop when I start punishing them, but a good mommy knows that sometimes punishment is necessary. My little ones will learn eventually when they cannot sit on that cherry red bottom after my paddle is done with them. I love putting wigs on my sissies so that they really feel like my baby girls. I lean them over the bed just like in the picture and take them by the hair and go to town on them! They whimper and cry sometimes, but I can see them biting their lip and closing their eyes. I know they like it.





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