Naughty Sissy Gets Punished

Mommies Sissy Boy
August 30, 2015
Disciplining Mickey part 3
October 25, 2015

My little sissy slut has a problem: he just can’t resist touching himself. Every time I go to change his diaper, it’s wet with his piss and cum! No matter how often I let him fuck mommy, he just won’t stop! I finally decided that I’d had enough and that if he plays with himself after wetting his diaper again, he would have to be punished. So, I bought my sissy a chastity belt—it’s just a nice little tube with a lock on it, little enough to keep his tiny sissy pee-pee soft without hurting him too much. I was assured that it would do the trick and make my sissy want to fuck mommy more than ever. When I found him touching himself today, I pulled him over my knee and spanked him hard with my bare hand until he came. Then I cleaned him up and showed him his new punishment. When he saw the chastity tube he started to get hard again, so I had to cane his little cock until he was soft. Then I put his bruised little pee-pee into the tube and locked it on him nice and tight. I don’t think he understood what it was for right away, but I knew he would soon enough.

When I put him to bed tonight, I stayed outside his door and waited. Soon enough, I started to hear noises, I listened to him try to play with himself through the tube, and groaning when he couldn’t. I think I will keep it on him until he begs and cries for release, and then fuck his tight sissy pussy with my big vibrator until he cums. Poor sissy. Hopefully his new chastity belt will help him to learn that the only way he gets to cum is when mommy says it’s okay. It seems like it’ll work pretty well so far. No more masturbating for my little sissy!


—Barbie <3


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