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BDSM Rosette
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     Hey guys! I'm Sophia, that nasty little midget your mommy's warned you about! That's probably because she caught me under the table sucking her sons cock during Christmas dinner, but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

    I like Naughty, dirty boys the nastier the better! I will run up to you and latch onto your cock grabbing a hold of it with my big dick sucking midget lips so you can be walking while I suck your cock. You might even be able to sit your beer on my head while I slide your cock so far down my throat so you can drain all of that cum into my tiny little midget belly for my yummy snack of the day! You know I sit and wait for you all day so you can give me my special treats. I can't wait till you get home and bend over so I can clean your asshole with my tiny little fast dwarf tongue, you'll love the way I suck, massage, and lick your asshole because my tongue gets in all the right spots...mmmmmm....

    I also love BDSM and to get behind girls and boy with my nice big strap-op while midget fucking the hell out of their pussies and asses. I love to hear them scream because they are being ass fucked by a tiny little Midget girl. I also like climbing under a girls skirt while she's not expecting it and look up to see her wet pussy and start eating it like a wet pussy buffet until she cums all down my tiny midget face with it dripping all over my face and neck. i will make her cum so hard she might fall on me and squish me!

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BDSM Rosette
BDSM Rosette
BDSM Rosette
BDSM Rosette





1 (888) 430-2010

October 3, 2021

I Am A Rebel Without A Cause And When I Fuck You, You Will Make A Noise

I don’t care to have mercy on you and take it lightly on you when I press my heels into your balls and hear you scream.  I am a rebel without a cause and when I fuck you – you will make a noise. I like a lot of pleasure from giving you pain and I do it all and it is not all done in vain.  I will bring the bdsm torture and I will bring the pain and you will have no choice but to take it.  I don’t want you to pretend to fake it and scream when I moderately spank you in order for me to go light on you with punishment.  I am way too smart to know when you are simply bullshitting me and you are way too stupid to trick me. Tricks are for monkeys in a zoo and the last time I checked, tricks are something that I will not do with you.  I will make sure not to spare your ass from the infliction of discipline.  I will have you bend over and spread your cheeks so I can take my leather whip and flog you right between your tight ass cheeks.  That brown ass crack is mine and I will make sure to tame it at all times as you deserve to take all that I dish out and I expect you to receive all of it with a smile.  And while your lips are open wide you will take my […]
October 2, 2021

Roxi Will Rock You

    I am a diaper mom that just loves it rough.  A little bdsm mixed in with our diaper play makes mommy very wet.  And a wet mommy is a happy mommy.  And you definitely want to keep mommy happy.  Mommy has lots at her disposal to use on a naughty little one.  And mommy has a very creative imagination when it comes to discipline. Through some dominatrix roleplay, mommy is able to get her fix of rough naughtiness.  Mommy owns you and mommy will make sure you know that and you will not forget who is boss.  Do you have a diaper kink, that needs a firm touch?  Mommy will diaper you and then make you fill it up.  A full squishy diaper just for mommy.  Peepee, poopy and sticky cummies, all for mommy. Do you have a bondage fetish?  Does the thought of being tied up helplessly as mommy ravages you over and over, get you all hot and bothered?  Good, because mommy likes to dish it out just as much as mommy likes to experience it herself.  So don’t be shy about letting mommy know what gets you all worked up. Mommy will make you beg for release as mommy takes you to the brink and back again.  Mommy will tease you mercilessly and continue smiling the whole time.  Your little moans and whimpers will make mommy wetter and wetter but will fall on deaf ears when it comes to that much needed orgasm. Mommy likes […]
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