CBT For a Naughty Diaper Boy

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March 23, 2018
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April 20, 2018


Mommy can be quite cruel when her abdl boy misbehaves and doesn’t follow her rules. You should know first and foremost you are getting exactly what you deserve because Mommy never makes mistakes in her punishments or rewards. Just a few weeks ago I had a very naughty adult baby boy who wouldn’t follow the rules, but has since become much more compliant. I started by laying him down on the bed and removing that warm wet diaper he loved so much. I decided to have some CBT fun, Mommy style.

I took four pretty little pink hair elastics with bows on them and slowly wound each one on his little prince parts, each tighter than the last. He was squealing at this point which delighted and amused me. Then I told him we needed to keep him from getting chaffed by those wet adult diapers, but instead of vaseline to coat him down I grab my container of tiger balm and generously slathered it on. By this point I definitely had his attention and I started popping each elastic against him repeating over and over, “You will OBEY Mommy“. I stretched his torture out for hours and loved every moment of it.

If you have been a naughty diaper boy and need to learn your lesson, I’m ready to teach you something you will never forget with CBT Phonesex at its best!


Mommy Liz


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