Toilet Slave Chapter 3
February 28, 2016
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February 28, 2016
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Crissy’s Emailed Fantasies: Chapter Three


A lovely  taboo fantasy a dear caller of mine emailed me and requested me to post! Be sure to check out the other chapters!

He told me that he found my fetish interesting, and when I mentioned that I would be willing to swap anything the other was wearing, no exceptions, no rejection, if I meant that just in terms of regular clothing or any fetishes could be included too. I confirmed that I did less care what one wore, too thick in summer, too little in the rain, inappropriate or ridiculous, fetish or not, none would be important, as long as it is something the person wore himself at the time of swapping. naturally it should not be illegal or impossible, but else I would agree to meet and whatever the person had on his body I would willingly put on myself in exchange and wear it for an agreed length of time, go out with him or go home and meet up later again for swapping back, either way was fine.




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