Crissy’s Emailed Fantasies: Chapter Three
February 28, 2016
Mommy caught pt 2
March 1, 2016

Welcome welcome, My sweet little ABDLs! I’m so glad to see you in My nursery today. Did you come to play with Miss Ella? We have all sorts of games we can play here. Are you a hungry little one today? Well we can’t have that, can we? bABies have to be breast fed to grow up big and strong.  I do believe it’s time for feeding!

Miss Ella will have to wrap you up first of course, to make sure you are all snuggled up warm and tight so that you can’t squirm around too much. I have wonderful and soft little jackets to put you in, we just have to crisscross your little arms first…and then loop the sleeves behind you and tie them together…and then buckle a little belt between your legs to press that diaper close!


Now isn’t that so much better! Mmmmm now you can come and suck on Miss Ella’s nummy nipple


~Nanny Ella~


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