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September 25, 2016
Get Over Here
September 25, 2016

Poopy Phone Sex

I’m so tired of all this poop. You keep shitting yourself and I have to keep changing you into a new pair of shorts. I’m running out of pants for you to wear on a weekly basis. I’m going to start putting you into ABDL diapers. With ever log of poop I have to clean I will make sure you get one spanking with a paddle or whip. I am so sick of your excuses. It’s not an accident when you continue to do it time after time. You have not used the big boy toilet in well, never. I think I’ll have to tie you down when i give you the spankings because I know you like to kick and fight your spankings. You know the more you fight the more annoyed I become. So tying you up is the best for you. Call me now for your phone sex punishment.



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