Domination Phone Sex
September 23, 2016
Enough with the Poop
September 25, 2016


When I walk through the door from work and I come to find you Dressed in a cute little dress! What do you think you’re doing? Dressed like a girl ? You want to be a girl then fine! I have a surprise for you lay down! Now I am going to raise up your legs and slide this Bambino bellissimo diaper under your but! And then I am going to train you on how to be a girl! What was that princess you’re hungry? Come here and let your Abdl mommy breast feed you. You can feel the warm liquid going down your throat! As your eating  I take my hand and start rubbing the front of your pamper and I feel how excited you’re getting. After your done eating I take your diaper off and stick a vibrating butt plug in your tight little ass! Then have you get on your knees and then I grab a hold of your head and have you open your mouth and push your head on my strap on! This is what girls do to boys my little princess! Call me for Domination phone sex!



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