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Spanking Party for a Naughty Boy!(part 1)
May 4, 2019
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Sweet Teasing Dominant Mommy
June 30, 2019
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Do you think I didn’t notice you sneaking diapers out of your little sister’s nursery? I thought you were all grown up now, but finally catching you trying on those diapers puts that idea to rest! Have you used them yet? Have you made a wet and messy diaper, turning yourself into a filthy diaper baby? If you’re still shy about that, I think that some enema discipline may just what you need. I’ll bend you over whether you want to or not, and slide an enema nozzle inside your bottom, squeezing down on the bottle to fill you up with some warm, soapy water.  And there won’t be any rushing off to the toilet for you, no sir! You will try to hold in that enema, until the craps and pressure become to much and you release everything into your diaper… how embarrassed will you be? I would horribly embarrassed for you, if I didn’t find it so funny! Ready for your punishment? Call me for some diaper punishment phone sex.



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