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July 20, 2016
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September 23, 2016


Today my boyfriend was being such a naughty ABDL boy I had to give him a nice hard spanking and turn his bottom a nice bright red! I came home to him playing with his toys and not having done any of his homework! What a naughty boy! I dragged him over to the couch and pulled him over my lap and yanked his jeans and boxers down to expose that cute little bottom. I started smacking it, hard and fast and didn’t stop until my hand was stinging, his bottom was bright red and tears were streaming down his pouty little face. I made him promise to always do his homework before playing with toys and to always listen to me. Hours later, his bottom was still bright red and he couldn’t sit down, so I think he’s definitely learned his lesson to listen to his ABDL mommy, at least for now!




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