May 9, 2016
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Trouble Pt 5

Watching my Adult Baby Girl go out the door in just her pink top and a scarlet red bottom brought a tear to my eye as I watched her shyly go look for a switch that I would shortly apply to her bottom.  She grabbed one and came shuffling back inside and stood before me handing me the switch and apologizing once again.  I couldn’t take pity on her since I needed this one lesson to stick.  “Mommy is sorry to my Adult Baby Girl, but you jeopardized your safety and Mommy doesn’t ever want anything to happen to you”.  I said as I positioned her back over my knees for her bare bottom spanking, with her face towards the floor as I gently tapped on her bottom with the switch.  She started crying immediately but I hadn’t done anything yet.  Crack! I brought the switch down across both her little bottom cheeks at the same time.  She jumped but I held her in place. Crack!  Again she bounced as I saw the red welts […]
May 9, 2016
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Mommy Crissy Taking Care of Sick Aby

The seasons are changing for everyone around the world this year. Spring is slowly turning into summer and the allergies in the air have caused a bunch of my adult babies and diaper lovers to get sick! All this week I’ve been checking temperatures and giving my little ones medicine so they aren’t being cranky and feeling under the weather! I made sure each of them was tucked in their cribs and I played some gentle nursery rhymes to help soothe them so they could get as much rest as they can get! I’m going to have to nurse all my little ones back to health so we can get ready for the summertime! The last thing a mommy wants is to have their little adult babies and diaper lovers be sick when there’s a beautiful day going on outside! I’m going to take care of my abdls and once they’re all nice and healthy again this mommy is going to take treat them to a whole day at the park and have a little […]
May 9, 2016

Are you a submissive or dominant?

Bdsm is such a great way to express yourself when you need a sexy outlet. Personally in bdsm, I can be versatile and be either the dominant or submissive. A friend of mine, once told me about her sexy bdsm escapades and in reality she’s very Type A, very dominant person and always on key. She planned everything. Lets just say there wasn’t a submissive bone in her body. But apparently in the bedroom, she was the submissive and her lover was the dominant! I had to say I was surprised but I kind of understood. It could be so exhausting to take the reigns all the time and she was telling me that it was nice to let someone else take control especially in the bedroom where you want to let go, be free and cut out some stress. So tell me. Are you a submissive or dominant? And who are you in real life? Liz 888-938-7382 #bdsm #submissive #dominant Click here to chat with the phone sex mommies!  
May 9, 2016
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Blackmail and Coercion

It is easy for me to see how a sissy baby like you would get so easily confused when this sweet and loving abdl mommy suddenly takes a dramatic change and becomes your worst nightmare. Only if you try to disobey me, of course. All of those messy diapers of yours that I changed, all of those cute baby outfits that I got you dressed up in, all leading up to the stacks and stacks of pictures I took of my little one looking so sweet… All of those are kept safely locked away in mommy’s desk. In case you forget who is in charge and try to shirk on your responsibilities or misbehave in any way, mommy holds on to these pictures. All I have to do is upload them and click ‘submit’ and your little diapered self will be plastered all over the internet for the world to see. XOXO, Barb 888-430-2010 #abdl #mommy #humiliation Come chat with the phone sex mommies!
May 8, 2016
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Diaper Punishment With Mommy Ava

Pee yew what’s that smell? This mommy is about to have some diaper punishment phone sex as soon as I can find out where my naughty adult baby is hiding from me! He’s being such a little brat because I told him he wasn’t ready to wear pull ups like the big boys yet! So he ran off in his diaper and now it’s stinking up every room in the house! He doesn’t want to let me change his diaper now so were playing a little game of hide and seek! There are only so many rooms in the house and only a limited number of places an adult baby like him can hide! You can run all you want but mommy is going to find you and you’re going to get punished for being a naughty adult baby. You’re going to get a diaper rash if you keep on that stinky pamper any longer! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I think the smell is getting stronger, I may be close to finding my […]
May 5, 2016

Pervert Gets Fucked

I grabbed the little Adult Baby Boy by the ear and dragged him out of the closet.  “So you like to spy on Mommy when she is taking off her clothes and playing with her nice wet pussy do you”?  Well I had just the thing for this little pervert.  I stripped him out of his Adult Baby Boy clothes and took him over my knees and then picked up the princess paddle and brought it down hard on his bottom.  Over and over I paddled him till I had his bottom nice and candy apple red.  Then I sent him to the corner to think about what he just did and why he was crying in the corner.  I went and slipped on my harness and ordered him out of the corner and to crawl on all fours to me.  Once he was in front of me I told him open your mouth and close your eyes.  “But why”, he exclaimed!  Crack, I smacked him right across the face until he opened his mouth […]

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