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October 12, 2017

Domination Mistress Phone Sex Part 2!

He expected the voice to continue speaking but there was only silence. At least a minute passed… finally he tried to turn towards where he thought the voice was coming from and tried to speak a muffled meek hello through the pacifier gag.’ha ha ha ha’ The loud, shrill laugh from the same voice made him freeze again, but this time there was a  dominant sexiness to it.’good morning Thomas. I wonder if you remember how you got here? That little cocktail can lead to some forgetfulness, but I had to have you out cold to get you here where I wanted you… and set up… like I wanted you.’ Thomas vaguely thought back and his mind pieced together how he’d got here. He’d found her online, an ad from someone local looking for someone ‘up for anything’ on craigslist. He was a slim, attractive young man of 22, mousy blonde hair, blue eyes and fairly well hung yet not overly successful with women. Call me for some Adult diaper Domination Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy #domination #abductedfantasy #mistress
October 12, 2017

Sweet Adult Baby Girl Phone Sex Part 2

She checked the clock and frowned,  Abdl Daddy said he’d be home by ten and it was only eight thirty. She hated waiting. Jenna grabbed her favorite pacifier, her princess coloring book, and some crayons and set herself up on the coffee table in the den, Barney playing in the background on the flat screen as she concentrated on coloring her best for Daddy. The familiar feeling started to creep into her stomach, she smiled as she relaxed her muscles, letting her warm pee come out of her and be absorbed by the cotton around her. As she peed, she realized she also needed to poo, so she leaned forward and forced out two steamy logs into the full  adult diaper. The shit ran into her ass crack and as she leaned back into her comfortable position, some started to move forward to her vagina, mixing with her piss in the best way. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex Jenna 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy #adultdiaperfetish #notaboo #abdlgirl
September 11, 2017

Sissy’s New Friends

Mommy has some new friends for her little sissy to meet. He has been trying to defy mommy and say he is not a sissy, but his new friends will prove otherwise to him. Mommy has invited over five men with big black cocks to show her sissy just how much of a cock whore he is. I tell the boys to do as they will to my naughty sissy, fuck him hard. My sissy starts to try to run away but after seeing the size of their cocks he just can’t and is soon on his knees begging to touch. The boys have fun with my little sissy, fucking his boi-pussy two cocks at a time while another cock is shoved down my sissy’s throat. My little sissy is truly in sissy heaven having so many big cocks fuck that little sissy body. Soon the boys are all cumming all over my sissy and my little sissy can’t help by cum himself. There is no more claiming he isn’t a sissy now. Barb 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #bigblackcock #gangrape #sissybrainwashing
September 11, 2017

Naughty Abdl Mommy Part 2

Do you like when you’re Dominate mommy gives you kisses and licks all over your cock? Oh I know you do I can tell, now watch as mommy lifts up your peepee with my hand and I start to stick it in my mouth and i go all the way down on it!  You cry out and then I stop and take some rope and tie down your peepee and put some icy hot on your balls and fold up your diaper and add some nice ice to it, you start panting really fast because f the intense sensations you’re feeling from the ice and the icy  hot, then I reach and open the drawer and pull out some nipple clamps and place them on your nipples and watch as you start to wiggle! Then I climb up on the changing table and sit down right n yur face and you can smell your mistress pussy juice through the purple panties. Call me for some domination Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy! #domination #mistress #adultbaby

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