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December 8, 2016

Forced To Wear A Diaper

I know abdl babies like to get rebellious sometimes, but I think you’re going to find you don’t like the consequences of that.  You won’t wear your diaper like I’ve been telling you to do, so I’m going to make sure you don’t have a choice in the matter!  You’re going to lay down so that I can put a catheter in your little clitty, so that you’ll have no control over when you go to pee.  Whether you’re walking or laying down you’ll feel the wet trinkle down and if you haven’t put on your diaper like a good baby you’re going to make quite the mess, aren’t you? I want you fill up your thickest diaper, so that it turns yellow, and when I push on it you can feel pee being pushed back out onto your skin.  If you want to hear more about wet diaper phone sex, call me! Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #diaperlover #diaperfetish #abdlmommy  
December 6, 2016

No Limits For Ava

Hi there naughty fetish boy. Are you looking for a place where you can indulge yourself in the wonders of no limits phone sex? A place for you to get naughty and as nasty as you want? Maybe talk to a girl like me who specializes in naughty boys? All the women here are as naughty as they open minded. We love talking to guys who know how to think outside the box of sexual fantasies. I want you to tell me all of those limits of yours so we can turn them into something even more than what they were! Limits were meant to be pushed and boundaries were meant to be tested! Let’s spice up that phone sex life of yours . So how about it baby? Are you going to let a fem dom like me teach you the ways of extreme fetish phone sex? Ava 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #nolimits #notaboo #bdsmfetish
December 6, 2016

Humiliation Phone Sex

    There are times when my adult baby likes to be a naughty naughty little boy and begs to be humiliated! As BDSM Mommy, I really love to do Humiliation Phone Sex with my baby and drive him absolutely crazy! It’s so much fun for me to watch his little dick grow harder while his little cheeks get redder when Mommy has to pull his pants down to check his diaper. I’ve been know to make my baby sit in his dirty phone sex diapers for hours while I watch tv! Even though he is so humiliated, he always gets really really rock hard! I love to take it one step further and make my abdl baby jack his little wee wee in that dirty messy stinky phone sex diaper! Oh, yes my abdl baby just loves to feel it going through his hands and absolutely can’t help himself as he explodes! Liz 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #abdlphonesex #kinkyphonesex #dominationphonesex Save Save
December 5, 2016

Look What A Wonderful Baby Part 2

The busiest time of day not too mention that this was near the cafeteria so there are a bunch of people everywhere to see you showing your attitude and really testing my patients! Finally I lost my temper and grabbed you and pulled you over my knee in front of everyone the room is completely silent to what just happen and WACK, Wack, Wack!  The whole crowed is now focused on hearing you whimper and say “ I am  a Sissy!”  Over with each whack. Now what did I tell you? Did you learn your lesson ? Now we are going to go home and you’re going to go to bed with no cummies and now milk and no cuddling with mommy like normal just straight your you’re Abdl nursery and in your crib and no toys!! Maybe you will learn next time Your abdl mommy tells you know she means it! Call me for some abdl Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy! #dommemommy #strictabdlmommy #domination

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