Nanny Ella’s Naughty Nursery
February 28, 2016
Toilet Slave Chapter 7
March 6, 2016

stock-photo-16952632-young-female-making-love-to-herselfContinue pt 1– He was so gently rubbing my pussy and sliding his fingers inside of me. I then pulled him over to my breast and told him to suck. His mouth milking my breast and his fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy was pushing me so close to the point of orgasm. But not yet I thought to myself, there was so much more I wanted to show him yet. I enjoyed the finger fucking and sucking so much I just let him continue for awhile. I stayed on that high so close to cumming but not yet ready. He was certainly looking happy to be helping mommy and filling his tummy full of mommy’s milk too. When he finally pulled away from my breast looking so fulfilled. I told him that mommy had another very special treat for him, that not very many babies get to have. With joy in his eyes, I pushed his head between my legs and told him what to do.  Tawny 888-430-2010


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