September 14, 2020

Stu’s Shrimpy Little Tiny Wormy Dicklet

  Why is your penis so small? It is on top of two marble sized balls I laugh every time I look at it It just looks like the size of a zit To pleasure yourself just takes one finger not two No woman will ever be happy with that, Stu You might as well wear pampers forever You will get pussy and tits most likely never You are simply a laughing stock With a miniature and incomplete tiny cock I should not even call that It is definitely a dicklet, or a clit at that You should just go ahead and change your name To a name for a sissy since your penis is so lame I pity you for you have no hope at all Over 6 feet with no grown dick or balls You try to pump it up but still It just stays small and stunted still You tried to stretch it out to make It bigger but even that did not take Nothing that you try will ever work You small dicklet carrying tiny penis jerk Domination is all you are useful for To be my submissive dickless whore For me to prance around the house With a gag ball shoved inside of your mouth And a collar that is around your neck While wearing a pamper that I won’t even bother to check I will keep you in it and when you mess yourself I’ll spank you til you continue to piss and shit […]
August 12, 2017

Mommy Domination Phone Sex Part 2

So I invited her inside to finish telling me her story We sat in my living room and I offered her wine and she nodded her head. After I got her the glass of wine. She came right to the point and told me that Luke had used her for  Some Fetish sex and discarded her like a piece of trash. Apparently it had been going on for months –he would go over to her apartment after school every day before he came home. She apologized profusely but insisted that he had initiated the relationship.She said that he abruptly stopped coming over and when she confronted him about it he laughed in her face. She was crying as she told me all this, and I couldn’t help but feel pity for the poor woman. Since Luke’s father left us I’d had my heart broken twice by men who just wanted No taboo  sex whenever they felt like it. I knew what she was going through.”The reason I’m telling you all this is because I think he’s really messed up emotionally. I don’t think he ever saw me as a real person, we never really made love, it was like he was using me to masturbate. I was just a warm place for him to stick his Cock. He’s cruel and cold, and I thought you, as his mother, should know.” She wipes the tears from her eyes and Looks At me an says I know What Has To happen! Call […]
July 5, 2017

Mistress an Sissy’s fun Phone Sex!

Hi there my pretty sissy are you ready for your mistress to have a little fun and to show how it feels to be the girl while getting fucked in your pussy? Hm? Good But First I need you get my vibrator for you to be sucking on as I am pounding your ass! Good now bend over and I am going to lift your pretty sissy dress! And pull down those sexy purple panties! And then I am going to spread your ass cheeks and slip my two fingers in and out of freshly lubed up ass! And I slide it out in very fast watching your starting to move your hips onto my fingers faster and faster! I quickly slide my fingers out and my huge cock gently starts to slide and stretch out your sissy holes! Grabbing your hips and slamming them back onto my strap on Call me for some Bdsm Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy #bdsmmommy #domination #sissy
May 25, 2017

Diaper Bondage Humiliation Phone Sex

Oh my, my, my look what we have here! a little Adult baby boy tied to his bed because he was a naughty little chronic masturbator wasn’t he! From now on this is how I am going to put you in your crib! You’re going to have the locking mittens on over your hands handcuffed above your pathetic little head! Your feet tied at the end of your crib in some very tight bondage rope! And then locking plastic panties on and a hood over your face! Whats that? your going to start to cry! see this is why I treat you like an adult baby if you act like a baby! Domme mommy Tawny Isn’t going to give you what you want! And I know how bad your tinny wittle pee-pee needs to make cummies but guess what! Thats never going to happen at least not for a long time! Now What do we untie you and give you alot of water because I want you to force wet that diaper your little baby! Call me for some Diaper bondage phone sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #diaperbondage #adultbabyhumiliation #abdlphonesex
July 15, 2016

Stop Right There !!

Stop right there Little Sissy Slut! Why are you not dressed and ready for  your session today? You know you’re supposed to be dressed in your hot pink dress with your diaper and pink Rhumba plastic panties with with your butt plug in and high heels with your makeup done! Don’t think for a second I am going to let this slide!  Now let’s get you ready for your hot water enema with ginger oil. Now I am going to spread your ass cheeks apart and slide my 3 fingers in there and then shove them in your mouth and slap your slutty ass and repeat that process 6 times. Now I am going to slide in the nozzle and push in the fluids once the last drop is squeezed in I am going to push in your butt plug then, I am going to go grap the paddle. From there Mistress Janey is going to give you 60 Swats! What did we learn? Call me for some bdsm phone sex you whore! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy! #domination #assplay #Femdom
March 1, 2016

Mommy caught pt 2

Continue pt 1– He was so gently rubbing my pussy and sliding his fingers inside of me. I then pulled him over to my breast and told him to suck. His mouth milking my breast and his fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy was pushing me so close to the point of orgasm. But not yet I thought to myself, there was so much more I wanted to show him yet. I enjoyed the finger fucking and sucking so much I just let him continue for awhile. I stayed on that high so close to cumming but not yet ready. He was certainly looking happy to be helping mommy and filling his tummy full of mommy’s milk too. When he finally pulled away from my breast looking so fulfilled. I told him that mommy had another very special treat for him, that not very many babies get to have. With joy in his eyes, I pushed his head between my legs and told him what to do.  Tawny 888-430-2010
August 23, 2015

MILF Needs Sissy

You read it right! This sexy MILF is in need of a submissive sissy slut to obey my every command! Don’t worry, as long as you are an obedient and attentive little sissy, mommy will take such good care of you. I will of course need you to tend to my every need without batting an eye… If you do give me any trouble, I will be forced to whip your little behind with a riding crop or a leather belt and leave some nice red welts there so you don’t forget what happens when you disobey me! I will need my meals cooked, you will not be permitted to wear clothing unless I have chosen something for you to wear. Which could be anything from a sexy little leather something, down to a lacy dress! I am in charge here, and I know that after that first punishment, you will not ever back talk me again. XOXO, Barb 888 – 938 – 7382  
March 14, 2011

Guided Masturbation

Hi there. Do you like stroking your hard cock for your phonesex Mistress? Well I hope so because one of my very favorite types of calls are those where I am a teasing Masturbatrix. You can gently rub your flaccid cock as my smooth voice melts you. Soon you’ll be hard and ready for my masturbation instructions. Even though it has been your cock for as long as you can remember when you do a mistress phonesex call with me it suddenly becomes mine. That means you have to listen very carefully to just how I want you to lube it up and jerk it for me. I may have you edge while you listen to my southern voice, yes jerk right to the edge of sweet orgasm and then stop. You’ll whimper but you’ll obey. I might have you take your hands off of the cock completely and give some much needed attention to your heavy cum filled balls. It will be wonderful to hear you stroking for me and begging for release though, don’t you think? Mistress Liz Mistress Phonesex 1-888-938-7382 $1.99 per min. US and Canada ,$2.50 to connect. $2.99 International International Callers Call: 714-422-2402
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