Mommy Crissy Taking Care of Sick Aby

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May 9, 2016
Trouble Pt 5
May 9, 2016

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The seasons are changing for everyone around the world this year. Spring is slowly turning into summer and the allergies in the air have caused a bunch of my adult babies and diaper lovers to get sick! All this week I’ve been checking temperatures and giving my little ones medicine so they aren’t being cranky and feeling under the weather! I made sure each of them was tucked in their cribs and I played some gentle nursery rhymes to help soothe them so they could get as much rest as they can get! I’m going to have to nurse all my little ones back to health so we can get ready for the summertime! The last thing a mommy wants is to have their little adult babies and diaper lovers be sick when there’s a beautiful day going on outside! I’m going to take care of my abdls and once they’re all nice and healthy again this mommy is going to take treat them to a whole day at the park and have a little adult baby picnic celebration!



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