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May 9, 2016
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June 6, 2016
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Trouble Pt 5

BDSM Phone sexWatching my Adult Baby Girl go out the door in just her pink top and a scarlet red bottom brought a tear to my eye as I watched her shyly go look for a switch that I would shortly apply to her bottom.  She grabbed one and came shuffling back inside and stood before me handing me the switch and apologizing once again.  I couldn’t take pity on her since I needed this one lesson to stick.  “Mommy is sorry to my Adult Baby Girl, but you jeopardized your safety and Mommy doesn’t ever want anything to happen to you”.  I said as I positioned her back over my knees for her bare bottom spanking, with her face towards the floor as I gently tapped on her bottom with the switch.  She started crying immediately but I hadn’t done anything yet.  Crack! I brought the switch down across both her little bottom cheeks at the same time.  She jumped but I held her in place. Crack!  Again she bounced as I saw the red welts forming on her crimson bottom.  Ten more times I brought that switch down and made bright red marks on her already red bottom.  Do I need to turn into a BDSM Mommy for you, make you feel the pain of your naughtiness? 

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