November 21, 2021

Cherry Needs Her Bottom Paddled and Her Cunt Slapped

I am Cherry and I am so happy if you would take me and strip me naked and then bend me over your thighs and paddle me. I want to be paddled every day. I am a girl that has such naughty thoughts and they go through my head at all times and all hours of the day.  I sometimes think about being a sexy school girl and I take a short cut to walk home and then I get grabbed from behind from a sexy stranger and he drags me off to a remote area in the woods and he has his way with me.  I would coyly protest and tell him to stop while opening my legs even wider so he could penetrate me with his stranger cock. I would hump my hips up and down to make sure that more of his creepy cock got inside of me and I would make sure that I pretended to be scared all while I am having a series of multiple orgasms over and over again on his sweet stranger cock.  Oh what a treat it would be to not have to have any responsibility and any accountability at all and to play coy and vulnerable while the stranger fucks me over and over. Then I would ask if he was going to also rape me in my ass and he would agree that it needs to happen and he would flip me over where I would be on my […]
June 21, 2021

Dexter Gets Dominated

It is a Monday and as a MILF that is hot and bothered there is nothing like waking up to a call from a new submissive for bdsm phone sex.  This new submissive told me that his name is Dexter.  Such a lovely name but for such a squeaky voice.  He was nervous he said to me, having never done anything at all like this. He wanted to call for a long time but he never quite was able to strike up the nerve to do it.  As I explained to him, there is usually a very special bond that happens when one talks to a dominant for dominatrix phone sex. There has to be communication, first and foremost and also there has to be a level of trust as you are putting your care – though temporary into the hands of a complete stranger. It is good that we talked for a while to get to know each other as this not only made me learn more about Dexter, but it caused him to open up and loosen up a bit and not be so uptight. That is when I was able to discover that he was the type of submissive that enjoys cbt phone sex. This is a type of phone sex in which he willingly gave up the rights to his cock and balls for a moment in time so I could do whatever I wanted to so with it.  The pleasure was all mine when I made […]
June 11, 2021

Brenda’s Submissive Lester Who Lives On Lamie Lane

Lester was a loner who lived on Lamie Lane and he was just not satisfied with the way that his life was going.  Something was missing, he just felt boring and ordinary and he longed for something or someone to spice up his bland soup of a life.  He worked in sales and rarely sold anything, even his job life was less than desirable.  Yes, he got to meet new people but more or less, they were all just the same. They either slammed doors in his face or politely told him that they were not interested in whatever he was selling – they were not up to buy.  He just had enough of it all and needed a break with something new, something bold, something sexy.  He saw an ad a few times on his Facebook feed for a company that advertised bdsm phone sex and he decided that he would call as soon as he got home. At least he would have anonymity he thought to himself, so if things did not go his way at least the person over the phone would not know his real name, where he lived, what he did for a living or what he looked like.  So, he gave it a try when he got home and he was immediately enamored with my aura, my presence, my voice over the phone.  He was enamored, and intrigued that someone who had not even met him was able to read him as thorough as […]
June 7, 2021

Call For Dominatrix Phone Sex With Scarlet

  I enjoy having bdsm phone sex with various submissives from all over the globe. In this pandemic climate, this is the best way to meet someone over the phone to have the safest, non-committal, no strings attached sex possible.  I like to have a slew of handy adult toys nearby that always come into good use.  In addition, I enjoy instructing submissives about what to do to themselves and also what they should use. If someone I am speaking to do not already have adult toys of their own on hand – they could always substitute their hand or hands for the role-play fun.  It is expected that they have enough fingers on their hands that will be of use and I am the one that will instruct them how to use it. I also enjoy the yells and screams that come with guiding submissives with cbt phone sex as this really brings out the sadistic side of me.  Where else can someone derive arousal and pleasure from hearing the pleas and screams from a submissive who has his cock and balls tortured all by my instruction? I smiled to myself as I recall a time when a submissive called me and he told me that he just finished having a hot bubble bath and he had aromatherapy candles on hand.  I was glad that he provided all of the necessary information that I wanted in order for me to have him use those same so-called aromatherapy candles on his […]
May 31, 2021

You Know That You Want, Need, Crave and Desire Dommy Mommy Scarlet

You want something and you know what it is and it is me, dommy mommy Scarlet. You crave and desire a dominant mommy to teach, guide you and lead you in the path that you ought to go.  If it is bdsm phone sex I will tell you exactly what you will need.  My subdar (submissive radar) will afford for me to know intuitively what direction it is that you need to go in. If you are a pompous ass at your day job and everyone hates you because they see you as a warden type of dictator – then you need to be trained to be submissive and on your knees worshipping me.  When yo and I play there are no demands that will be made by you because I will decide that you should do. I may be interested at the time in you sucking on my toes, one at a time while I keep my other foot on your back as a foot rest.  You will then have no choice but to continually keep sucking on my foot until I tell you otherwise.  I will make sure to push my foot inside of your mouth deep so that it almost touches the back of your throat and if you have the need to cough because you need to gasp for air, then go ahead and do that. But, what you will not do is to vomit on my foot! That will not be tolerated at all – because […]
March 15, 2021

My Shitty Sub Bub

I am parked on the side of the road with my adult baby diaper lover Bub and he looks very uncomfortable in his current situation.  I am his bdsm mommy and he was long overdue for a punishment so I had a lot of fun with him today.  I took my car in with me today to the auto shop and he came along with me as my passenger and he was dressed in a diaper for all to see. You should have seen Bub’s face when he had to step out of the car and stand in the lobby of the shop wearing his diaper under his onesie along with fluffy.  No one dared to ask any questions they just looked and stared while whispering to each other then I got my car back, we re-entered the vehicle and left the shop. I pushed back the passenger seat and it was time for me to make Bub experience diaper domination so in the car out in public I took off his onesie and prepped him for the next level of what I had planned for him for today.  I changed him and locked him up in a diaper and after that I fed him some sweet brownies that I made myself that were laced with laxatives. Then I had Bub drink a few bottles of water and approximately 15 minutes he wanted to shit.  I told Bub to hold it in for me until I was finished fixing my […]
October 11, 2020

It’s Time For Your Pissy and Shitty Dinner

Not only are you my submissive, but you are also going to be my little pet for the evening, but I am going to make sure that you look, feel and dress the part!  You are to remain on your knees at all times, naked and vulnerable in my presence.  I am going to make sure that you keep that collar around your neck and you are not to speak but you are allowed to coo and bark as needed.  You will drink water, at my leisure out of the bowl that is placed beneath my feet and you will always keep your head down to the floor at all times unless otherwise instructed.  If I feel like it and you do not respond fast enough to any of my commands, that is when you will feel my wrath and I will inflict upon you much needed discipline.  Firstly, I want you to clean off the bottom of my feet with your tongue as that is what you are good for.  Make sure that you lick off all of the dirt that my feet collected while walking around the house barefoot.  You are not to leave not even a speck of dirt behind.  Lick my feet now and make sure that when you are licking one foot that you are massaging the other.  This must be done in unison and you will do a very good job at it or you will be kicked in the balls by one of […]
June 28, 2020

Husband and Wife ABDL Babies Forced to Fuck on Camera

  So, I came over here to have a three some with you and your wife and you both are dressed up as abdl babies in diapers? Well, well, well… I am going to have a fun time with this. Both of you are now my adult babies and I will play with you both as much as I want.  First things first, you both will get on your knees and crawl around on the floor while drooling and saying, “goo goo gaa gaa.” Why are you both hesitating? Do it now! I will laugh at how pathetic and sad you both look. Crawling around on your knees like a pair of lost babies looking for their mommy to pick them up, lol. So utterly ridiculous! Now, stop crawling around so I can check both of your diapers to see if they are wet or dry. Hmm, looks like you both peed in your diapers. I am going to make sure that I change you both but I will do it on a video call for all of my friends to see. Say cheese and smile for the camera! You are on video call with my closest friends and they are all laughing at you both while I undo your diapers. You both deserve this humiliation and I am getting so much pleasure from it. My friends are looking at your bald pissy pink pussy hole and your hairy pissy wormy little itty bitty pee pee, lol. Spread those legs […]
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