Trouble Pt 5
May 9, 2016
BDSM Mommy Phone Sex
June 9, 2016

You enter my office and I peer down at you through my glasses. “Sit down Robert”, I say. “I have a proposition for you and…here it is. You can either continue to work for me being my submissive sissy slut or you can be fired. Now which would it be?” You stay at me in disbelief but I can tell you certainly considering it. “Well Mrs. Liz I would like to keep my job…but can I ask what me being your sissy submissive would entail?”

I smile seductively and say “I’m glad you asked. I actually had a contract drawn up and all the details may include that you will wear my cum filled panties to work underneath your clothes or you will only call me mommy when we’re alone and engaged in sexual acts. You will also participate in taking my big black strap on cock in your little sissy asshole.



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