October 11, 2011

forced bi phonesex

  You’re willing to do most anything to excite a lovely woman aren’t you? Let me tell you what I want from you. I want to watch as you go down on another man in front of me. I want to guide your head as I tell you just how to suck and pleasure his long hard dick. The thought of doing this revolts you a little, but mostly it makes you tingle in your panties. You just need a controlling woman to guide you through it. You need a seductive domme to tease you until you have to please her. Call me for forced bi phonesex fantasies and more sissification. sensual domination phonesex 1-888-938-7382 $1.99 per min. US and Canada ,$2.50 to connect. $2.99 International International Callers Call: 714-422-2402
February 22, 2016

Domme Mommy Knows Best

I love being a domme mommy to my babies. I always love the thrill of punishment. I once had a call where I went to see an abdl-baby at his home. I had on a sexy all black latex outfit on under my trench-coat. I told him that I needed the money upfront before we started anything and he paid me. I took off my trench coat, stripped him of his clothes and put him in a diaper. He wanted me to treat him like a dog so I placed some furry mittens on his hands and some doggy ears on his head. I placed a lease around his neck and took him outside so the world could see how ridiculous he looked. Crawling on all fours, I made him bark at other dogs and sniff their butt and when he had to go to the bathroom. He had to poop in the yard like a good dog. It was so satisfying to punish him like that. Liz 888-938-7382