January 30, 2022

Submissive Cherry Loves Being Slutty

My name is submissive Cherry and I love being slutty. I just can’t help it because I think that it is part of my nature. Just like how there are people who are open and there are people who are shy, being slutty is who I was always meant to be. I remember way back when I was a little schoolgirl and I did not understand the work that the teacher would give the class. I would look for the smartest kid in the class and it would not matter if it was a boy or a girl. I would make sure to make friends with them as soon as possible so I could seduce them, and my plan always worked. At that tender age in school, I knew the power of my pussy and I was not afraid to use it. I allowed for others to use me for sex just as I was using them for good grades. And believe it or not, I just happened to end up being the Valedictorian of the school. While I was on stage at the podium giving my speeches, and I looked across the room at the audience, I could literally count an entire slew of students that actually had their mouths on my pussy hole as they sucked my soul put of me when they are my pussy. This was a great turning point for me and I realized that I was a life-long slut and I did not dare […]
November 21, 2021

Getting Lucky With Lucy

    I am your new Mistress, you may call me Miss Lucy.  I now own you and you will do as you are told or face the consequences.  I can be very forceful when necessary, as I m sure you will find out sooner rather than later.  I believe in using strict discipline to get my message across. Through dominatrix roleplay I will break you and make you mine.  You will cower to my power and beg for more.  You’re a pathetic pup that needs to learns it’s place.  And that place is groveling at my feet.  Looking up at me with soulful eyes to be met with a stern look of disapproval. Those eyes won’t do anything to dissuade me from my goals of making you the perfect little submissive.  BDSM is exactly what you need in your sorry excuse of a life.  You need to be taught and molded to be what I want you to be.  You will have no say in the matter at all. I have a wicked spirit and you will experience it every moment of your life from now on.  I do have a bondage fetish and I will enjoy tying you up and having my way with you, over and over and over.  You will be begging for mercy, but your pleas will fall on deaf ears.  I will not be persuaded to stop what I am doing.  I’ll choose to stop when I am ready to do so. I told […]
November 21, 2021

Cherry Needs Her Bottom Paddled and Her Cunt Slapped

I am Cherry and I am so happy if you would take me and strip me naked and then bend me over your thighs and paddle me. I want to be paddled every day. I am a girl that has such naughty thoughts and they go through my head at all times and all hours of the day.  I sometimes think about being a sexy school girl and I take a short cut to walk home and then I get grabbed from behind from a sexy stranger and he drags me off to a remote area in the woods and he has his way with me.  I would coyly protest and tell him to stop while opening my legs even wider so he could penetrate me with his stranger cock. I would hump my hips up and down to make sure that more of his creepy cock got inside of me and I would make sure that I pretended to be scared all while I am having a series of multiple orgasms over and over again on his sweet stranger cock.  Oh what a treat it would be to not have to have any responsibility and any accountability at all and to play coy and vulnerable while the stranger fucks me over and over. Then I would ask if he was going to also rape me in my ass and he would agree that it needs to happen and he would flip me over where I would be on my […]
June 11, 2021

Brenda’s Submissive Lester Who Lives On Lamie Lane

Lester was a loner who lived on Lamie Lane and he was just not satisfied with the way that his life was going.  Something was missing, he just felt boring and ordinary and he longed for something or someone to spice up his bland soup of a life.  He worked in sales and rarely sold anything, even his job life was less than desirable.  Yes, he got to meet new people but more or less, they were all just the same. They either slammed doors in his face or politely told him that they were not interested in whatever he was selling – they were not up to buy.  He just had enough of it all and needed a break with something new, something bold, something sexy.  He saw an ad a few times on his Facebook feed for a company that advertised bdsm phone sex and he decided that he would call as soon as he got home. At least he would have anonymity he thought to himself, so if things did not go his way at least the person over the phone would not know his real name, where he lived, what he did for a living or what he looked like.  So, he gave it a try when he got home and he was immediately enamored with my aura, my presence, my voice over the phone.  He was enamored, and intrigued that someone who had not even met him was able to read him as thorough as […]
May 31, 2021

You Know That You Want, Need, Crave and Desire Dommy Mommy Scarlet

You want something and you know what it is and it is me, dommy mommy Scarlet. You crave and desire a dominant mommy to teach, guide you and lead you in the path that you ought to go.  If it is bdsm phone sex I will tell you exactly what you will need.  My subdar (submissive radar) will afford for me to know intuitively what direction it is that you need to go in. If you are a pompous ass at your day job and everyone hates you because they see you as a warden type of dictator – then you need to be trained to be submissive and on your knees worshipping me.  When yo and I play there are no demands that will be made by you because I will decide that you should do. I may be interested at the time in you sucking on my toes, one at a time while I keep my other foot on your back as a foot rest.  You will then have no choice but to continually keep sucking on my foot until I tell you otherwise.  I will make sure to push my foot inside of your mouth deep so that it almost touches the back of your throat and if you have the need to cough because you need to gasp for air, then go ahead and do that. But, what you will not do is to vomit on my foot! That will not be tolerated at all – because […]
March 20, 2021

Mommy Likes A Full Diaper

    The best diaper is a full squishy diaper.  Diapers are meant to be used and filled.  From peepee, to messy and stinky, to sticky cummies.  A full diaper is a good diaper! And baby is to keep that diaper on until mommy decides.  Diaper domination is the first step in making sure baby knows to fill that diaper up for mommy, just the way she likes.  Mommy is the only one that is allowed to change that messy, soggy diaper. For those little ones that are naughty and don’t do as mommy says, and tries to take that dirty diaper off, mommy will have to resort to messy diaper bondage.  And believe mommy that sounds just as fun as it is.  Mommy will make you sit in that poopy diaper, even if mommy has to lock you up in it. And if baby does as told, mommy has special diapers made just for that little bottom.  Once mommy gets you all diapered up and spreads a good amount of vaseline on that tight hole, mommy will show you exactly what that hole in your diaper is for.  As mommy bends you over and mounts you from behind, mommy will fuck that little hole until it is stretched and gaping. Then mommy will add another regular thick diaper to your already pampered butt.  Now baby has no control over filling those diapers.  That loose hole can’t stop baby from pooping, that little peepee will be dripping and squirting for […]
July 22, 2018

Being a Dominatrix, doesn’t mean you just beat men

There are so many people who think that a phone sex dominatrix is just beating men. The discipline/punishment S/M part of this lifestyle is there, but that’s not what it’s ALL about. There are so many people that do enjoy and only want to be disciplined by a sadistic dominant bitch. There are also so many people that just enjoy the sensual, seductive and erotic aspects of play. That’s the beauty of diversity. If it were all the same it would be boring as in everything in life. The give and take of Power Exchange is very powerful and consenting. You don’t always have to yell and be commanding to get your point across. You can also get your point and demand across by a seductive tone, glance and vibe as well. Many people don’t respond well to a strict nature because they are more in tuned with the softer side. If you have a strict side and sensual side, then you can have the best of both worlds. You just need to know when to turn off the strict bitch switch when necessary and tune into a sexy Seductress when it’s time to! Candy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with the phone sex mommies #bdsmfantasy #bdsmfetish #bdsmphonesex   Mommy Candy  
September 11, 2017

Caught Playing In Adult Diaper Part 2

So do you remember the phrase? No ok  so would you like to get a piece of paper to write it down?  Good adult baby boy! Now repeat after your mommy! I will not be naughty in my adult diaper without mommy Janey’s permission because after I am not a man I am a diaper wearing adult baby!  Good boy, so now mommy has to make a few calls because we are going to have some company coming over to visit! A few hours later the doorbell rang and I get up and walk to go answer the door, Oh wow look who is here it’s your little girlfriend and some of my very hot friends. Your mouth drops open in shock about who just walked into the house you drop to you knees crying “ please don’t let them see me like this” Good thing it isn’t up to you and I haven’t even started to give you  your punishment yet Call me for some domination phone sex! Janey 888-430-2010 OR click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy #domination #adultbaby #domme
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