February 10, 2019

Deep-Throating Your Abdl Mommy

If you were feeling like a naughty dominant abdl one day, would you like to deep-throat Mommy? Would you like to hold her head in place while you fuck her mouth, shoving it down her throat until her nose is pressed against your crotch hair.  Your diaper crinkles loudly while you rock your hips, and the way the diaper pulls around your balls from where you tucked it under to pull your cock out gets you even more excited! Wrap your hands around the back of her head, and jackhammer your cock inside her throat, not slowing down a bit while you can feel her throat spasming while she gags around you.  It won’t take long before you will be shooting cum down the back of her throat or pulling out to cover her face with it! Why don’t you call for some submissive mommy phonesex, tell me just how badly you want to do this? Bane 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex Mommy! #dominantabdl #submissivemommy #deepthroating
December 26, 2018

Want To Play With A Submissive Mommy?

How would you like to play with a submissive Mommy? When you want a diaper change, you demand a diaper change, when you want a bottle you get one, if you want to suck Mommy’s breasts then you do.  You can go to sleep when you want, you can stay up all night long! You can demand a blowjob from Mommy, have her get on her knees in front of your highchair to suck your cock while you eat your breakfast off the little tray that bounces every time her head hits it from underneath.  Whenever you want kisses, cuddles, blowjobs, or handjobs all you have to do is ask, and anything else will be put to the side to give you whatever you demand.  Even your fits and tantrums will be fine, just the way babies act sometimes and that’s that! Call me if you want to talk about your mommy incest fantasies. Kendall 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex Mommy! #submissivemommy #handjobsfrommommy #incestfetish
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