February 12, 2017

Dommy Mommy Michelle

Have you been wondering what it might be like to be with a Dommy Mommy like myself? Well look no further because Mommy Michelle is here to teach you. First thing I want you to do is fall to your knees NOW! Start walking on those knees toward your mommy. Now that you are in front of me looking up at me with that little sissy scared look I am going to stand you up and pull that little snug diaper to your feet. I am going to stick my 2 fingers up that tight ass of yours. Do you feel my fingers pounding that tight ass? Look at that..  Mommy Michelle just made that tight ass cum. Now I want you to suck the cum and shit off of my fingers NOW you dirty slut! Did you just make a poopy in your diaper? You can sit in that diaper all day! Call me now you little sissy slut! Michelle 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy! #bdsmmommy #littlesissyslut #dirtyslut