August 16, 2021

I Am Siren And I Will Do With My Submissives However I Choose.

I am always happy to display a nice piece of fiery siren hell on the bodies of submissives when I engage in my bdsm dominatrix roleplay and they have no say so in the matter. Starting with bondage fetish is my favorite when I tie up my helpless submissives in my dungeon. One at a time I will have my little slaves lined up one at a time naked against the wall and their hands will be bound. I want to have easy access to their flaccid dicks so I can torture them. I will decide at that moment what I want to use, whether it be candle wax on their dicks, needles through their dicks or whether I chose to spank their dicks and balls with my paddle. I believe that pain builds character and I won’t have any characterless pricks on my watch. When I say to bend the fuck over – you better believe that these little fucks have to listen to what I say. I like to use my biggest strap-on when I run a train on my submissives and fuck the in their assholes raw and I want to do it consistently until I rip their anuses and out of the tears a trickle of blood falls. You are not a man or in charge when you are in my presence. You asshole is mine and so is your dick. When I am your mistress, you are my property and that means I will do […]
July 19, 2021

My Heel Is Going To Be Firmly Pressed Against Your Balls

Don’t fool yourself and think that you are calling me, Mommy Tawny for a little nonsense fun role-play, you are calling me for bdsm phone sex that specifically deals with cock and ball torture, otherwise known as cbt phone sex. This type of dominatrix phone sex is not for the faint of heart.  It is for those who appreciate the pleasure and the beauty of pain and understand that when you have a dominant who can take you to the edge and not push you over – you need to consider yourself, very lucky. I love to role play and I love to roll balls and penises under the press of my bare feet and when I want to take it up a notch or two, I will get all glammed up in my boots and press my heels against the contents of your crotch.  You don’t necessarily have to do anything wrong for this to happen, it only requires me to be in that special ball crushing mood and if you are here and I know what you have buried between your legs – that simply means that is it time to take those balls and penis out – tie them up so that cannot move and then press the heel of my boots against them.  Don’t cry and wince too much because this is just the warm-up phase of the roleplay, there are more things that await you and I know that you long for that type of treatment.  Your […]
July 5, 2021

You Are An Asshole So I Will Make Sure You Are Brutally Fucked

  You are so pathetic and miserable and you have been an asshole all week to your staff and it is time that you have to pay for your wrong doings.  I saw what you did at work – you fired a plethora of people in the middle of a fucking pandemic and a lot of them don’t have the ability to get something else right now.  You made sure that you fired them so that the Department of Labor would not allow for them to get unemployment benefits.  And I don’t want to hear shit about their Biden money is on the way – because I am no idiot.  We all know that as of July 2021, there are 35 million unprocessed tax returns waiting to be processed. And as for the child care relief check, that is taxed and they are not going to get their full amount.  You are a fucking, worthless, pathetic cunt to fire those people from your staff and now I will make sure that you have hell to pay! I am going to punish you like there is no tomorrow – let me rip off your clothes right now and insert a little tube into your urethra.  I love to hear you scream to the top of your lungs in pain as it gives me so much fucking pleasure. I will make sure to continue to push this tube far into your pee hole as deep as I can go, and I will […]
June 21, 2021

Dexter Gets Dominated

It is a Monday and as a MILF that is hot and bothered there is nothing like waking up to a call from a new submissive for bdsm phone sex.  This new submissive told me that his name is Dexter.  Such a lovely name but for such a squeaky voice.  He was nervous he said to me, having never done anything at all like this. He wanted to call for a long time but he never quite was able to strike up the nerve to do it.  As I explained to him, there is usually a very special bond that happens when one talks to a dominant for dominatrix phone sex. There has to be communication, first and foremost and also there has to be a level of trust as you are putting your care – though temporary into the hands of a complete stranger. It is good that we talked for a while to get to know each other as this not only made me learn more about Dexter, but it caused him to open up and loosen up a bit and not be so uptight. That is when I was able to discover that he was the type of submissive that enjoys cbt phone sex. This is a type of phone sex in which he willingly gave up the rights to his cock and balls for a moment in time so I could do whatever I wanted to so with it.  The pleasure was all mine when I made […]
June 6, 2021

Mistress Morgan Gives Out The Pain

“Do you have everything that you are supposed to, dear?” Mistress Morgan’s voice was clear in Sissy Judith’s ears, her headset allowing Judith to hear how eager her Mistress was to start. A lingering glance around showed that Judith did have everything that she was supposed to; a small bottle of rubbing alcohol, an eyedropper, a long-handled wooden spoon, a vibrator, and around thirty something metal binder clips that she picked up at Home Depot specifically for this call. “Yes, Mistress. I—” Judith’s voice cracked, her throat dry as she couldn’t look away from the tools around her. This was going to hurt, that’s the whole reason that she had called for a cbt phone sex session, after all, and she knew she would feel so good after it was all said and done. She would scream and cry and holler and tell her Mistress thank-you in between sobs.  That didn’t stop her from being nervous, though. “Yes, Mistress, I have everything.” “Very good. Do you recall what your safe word is, Judith? “Yes, ma’am. It’s vanilla.” “Which means that you don’t have permission to stop anything until you say that word, correct? You can scream out ‘no’ until you’re hoarse, but the only word that will end anything is ‘vanilla’. Yes?” “Yes, ma’am.” “The pain that you are about to go through is what you want. You want me to make you hurt, till you are still sore and aching days after, a week, two weeks after. You want […]
March 15, 2021

My Shitty Sub Bub

I am parked on the side of the road with my adult baby diaper lover Bub and he looks very uncomfortable in his current situation.  I am his bdsm mommy and he was long overdue for a punishment so I had a lot of fun with him today.  I took my car in with me today to the auto shop and he came along with me as my passenger and he was dressed in a diaper for all to see. You should have seen Bub’s face when he had to step out of the car and stand in the lobby of the shop wearing his diaper under his onesie along with fluffy.  No one dared to ask any questions they just looked and stared while whispering to each other then I got my car back, we re-entered the vehicle and left the shop. I pushed back the passenger seat and it was time for me to make Bub experience diaper domination so in the car out in public I took off his onesie and prepped him for the next level of what I had planned for him for today.  I changed him and locked him up in a diaper and after that I fed him some sweet brownies that I made myself that were laced with laxatives. Then I had Bub drink a few bottles of water and approximately 15 minutes he wanted to shit.  I told Bub to hold it in for me until I was finished fixing my […]
March 1, 2021

Make Mommy’s Pussy And Ass Feel Good

As a bdsm mommy I want you to know that as I say, you do and as I lead, you follow. It has been a long day and a short night and I will make you do my bidding.  My feet are tired and my body is weary and it is up to you to service me in the way that I enjoy the most.  Take your hands and moisturize them enough with lotion then rub and knead your hands into my body. I expect you to make mommy’s pussy and ass feel good. Get on your knees in front of me as I hike up my skirt and reveal my bare cunt underneath my sundress.  Now peel open my lips and lap at my wet cunt like you cannot control yourself.  Suck my tight vaginal hole and move your mouth to my click and suck it off like a little cock.  Move your tongue around my clit in circles until I squirt and orgasm directly inside of your mouth.  Then drink all of my womanly nectar down your throat, don’t you dare waste any of my precious sweet and succulent cum. Now I want you to do long strokes of your hands into my back and  trail them down to the crack of my ass and open the palm of your hands and massage my ass cheeks.  Then you are to take your mouth and kiss my pegs softly and gently and worship my ass the way that I […]
September 14, 2020

Stu’s Shrimpy Little Tiny Wormy Dicklet

  Why is your penis so small? It is on top of two marble sized balls I laugh every time I look at it It just looks like the size of a zit To pleasure yourself just takes one finger not two No woman will ever be happy with that, Stu You might as well wear pampers forever You will get pussy and tits most likely never You are simply a laughing stock With a miniature and incomplete tiny cock I should not even call that It is definitely a dicklet, or a clit at that You should just go ahead and change your name To a name for a sissy since your penis is so lame I pity you for you have no hope at all Over 6 feet with no grown dick or balls You try to pump it up but still It just stays small and stunted still You tried to stretch it out to make It bigger but even that did not take Nothing that you try will ever work You small dicklet carrying tiny penis jerk Domination is all you are useful for To be my submissive dickless whore For me to prance around the house With a gag ball shoved inside of your mouth And a collar that is around your neck While wearing a pamper that I won’t even bother to check I will keep you in it and when you mess yourself I’ll spank you til you continue to piss and shit […]
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