August 12, 2015

Tickle Torture Fetish!

  I heard you have a tickle torture fetish, that you wanted to tell Mommy about. I have a few ideas up my sleeve. First, Phone A Mommy Janey wants to take us down to my secret, dark basement. First things first, I will have you lay down on this long narrow table. Make sure you are lying on your back. I will be tieing both your hands and feet up. I have three tickle torture devices, that I will be using on you. First, I will be getting my feather out. I heard that you get squirmy, when you are tickled with it. Before I get my next tickle device out, I will be blindfolding you. This way, it will be more extreme. The next thing that Mommy Janey will bring out is my back scratcher. I know how badly, you want to get away. I heard you are more tickilish on the backs of your legs. I guess i will start there. I know it’s a sensitive spot for you. Last but not least, I will be tickiling you with my fingers. I will scrape the backs of your feet first. I will be enjoying myself immensely, while I torture you. Mommy Janey 888-430-2010
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