March 11, 2017

Sissy Slut Phone Sex

So you wanted to know it’s like to be a girl huh? Take all of your clothes off right now!  And I am going to hand you some stockings to slide on and the some black panties and a lack bra put that on to! Now Let’s get this dress on you look at you you look like a little Sissy Whore! Get bend over! I am going to slide these and beads into your tight ass and then put a spreader bar between your ankles and then walk around and start fucking you face nice and rough Do you like this Slut? You wanna know what it’s like to be  a girl so here it is! I take my flogger and smack your bottom a couple times Open your throat up more or I am going to keep smacking so you understand? Whack!  I take my cock out of your mouth and walk behind you and take my vibrating wand and hold it up against your little clitty! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex Janey 888-430-2010 Or click here to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #notaboo #femdom #pegging
February 16, 2017

Small Penis Humiliation

Awww look what we have here! My, my, my What a very tiny pathetic cock you have. We better just go ahead and tape it down, I mean its a useless piece of flesh anyway. You don’t need it for anything important anyway! I mean you will never get a girl friend with that.. So I guess you will just serve me for ever and be stuck with being my wittle bitch! Tawny’s little sissy bitch! I like the sound of that don’t you my little bitch? Hehehe aww is the poor little baby going to start crying? Suck it up! And suck on your paci or I can go put my strap on and you can suck on that! You would like that wouldn’t you? Aww that just so sad I mean I will spoil you and take you shopping for stuff to please you mistress with! How would you like that? Call me for some Domination phone sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 or click HERE to chat with a phone sex mommy #smallpenis #smallpenishumiliation #humiliationphonesex
February 16, 2017

Party Time For Sissy

Oh I love seeing you down on your knees waiting for me when I walk through the door after along day of work! With your sweet wittle sissy dress on that I bought you! Are you ready for your coming out party? Finally everyone is going to know that your an Sissy baby girl! Don’t worry We won’t laugh to much! And since its your party I took the liberty of inviting all of the preppy cheerleaders you went to school with. Yes, That mean the one you used to wank your peepee too. Awww An I invited your whole family and your work buddies! Don’t start crying now! The party hasn’t even started! And I have a couple of fun games for us to play.. Well fun for me! And no I am not going to go easy on you! Remember anything goes! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #publichumiliation #humiliationphonesex #teasingmistress
July 16, 2016

Bondage with Candy

Today my boyfriend was really pissing me off, so I decided to tie him up for some bondage sex. While he was passed out on the bed like the lazy asshole he was, I took his arms above his head and tied them to the headboard with some rope I got just for the occasion. I stuffed his mouth with my panties and taped them in place, just so the neighbors couldn’t hear a thing. As he woke up and looked around confused, I put my finger on his lips, and went through all the annoying things he had done, not taking out the trash, laying around watching TV while I had to clean up all the dishes…all the shit that I was fed up with, the most frustrating being him not pleasing me sexually in any way. I took the panties out of his mouth, and sat on his face, pushing my dripping wet pussy into his mouth, while he lay there helpless, licking my cunt for hours until his face was soaked with my fluids. I collapsed, sweaty and exhausted next to him and looked him in his soaked face, “Are you going to be good for me now.” He just meekly nodded in response. I love having men eat me out, especially when they worship my pussy. XOXO Candy 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to the phone sex mommies #bondage #bodyworship #domme
May 9, 2016

Are you a submissive or dominant?

Bdsm is such a great way to express yourself when you need a sexy outlet. Personally in bdsm, I can be versatile and be either the dominant or submissive. A friend of mine, once told me about her sexy bdsm escapades and in reality she’s very Type A, very dominant person and always on key. She planned everything. Lets just say there wasn’t a submissive bone in her body. But apparently in the bedroom, she was the submissive and her lover was the dominant! I had to say I was surprised but I kind of understood. It could be so exhausting to take the reigns all the time and she was telling me that it was nice to let someone else take control especially in the bedroom where you want to let go, be free and cut out some stress. So tell me. Are you a submissive or dominant? And who are you in real life? Liz 888-938-7382 #bdsm #submissive #dominant Click here to chat with the phone sex mommies!  
August 23, 2015

MILF Needs Sissy

You read it right! This sexy MILF is in need of a submissive sissy slut to obey my every command! Don’t worry, as long as you are an obedient and attentive little sissy, mommy will take such good care of you. I will of course need you to tend to my every need without batting an eye… If you do give me any trouble, I will be forced to whip your little behind with a riding crop or a leather belt and leave some nice red welts there so you don’t forget what happens when you disobey me! I will need my meals cooked, you will not be permitted to wear clothing unless I have chosen something for you to wear. Which could be anything from a sexy little leather something, down to a lacy dress! I am in charge here, and I know that after that first punishment, you will not ever back talk me again. XOXO, Barb 888 – 938 – 7382  
July 29, 2015

MILF Dominatrix

Domination and I are one in the same. Although I am a sweet and loving ABDL mommy, I have a dark fetish hiding beneath that peaches and cream exterior… I would love to get into some domination phone sex with a nice little sissy to be my submissive for the night! I have a whole bunch of tricks up my sleeve, and I need someone bold enough to let me use and abuse them in all of the fun ways I can think up! Perhaps I’ll start by handcuffing you to the bed so you can’t squirm… Feet too! Can’t have you trying any funny business. I’ve got whips and feather boas, anal beads and huge strap ons in my bag of fun! I can’t wait to spend the night humiliating you and making you lick my boots! It’s a side of mommy that not many people are lucky enough to experience, but you will and I know you like it! Now bend over so mommy can push this toy into your tight ass. XOXO, Barb 888 – 430 – 2010
July 25, 2015

Sabrina wants to discipline her submissive

Sabrina loves putting her sissy in chastity.  Making my submissive give in to all the teasing I do to him.  Handcuffing him to the bed face down as I spank his ass with a flog.  Domination of my sissy bitch makes Sabrina’s pussy so wet.  Watching you try to fight the pain of getting spanked and sodomized with a strap on.  Being your dominatrix gives Sabrina so much pleasure.  How’s it feel to be fucked in your ass with this huge strap on?  By the looks of it, my cuckold is enjoying every minute of it.  Now, I am going to take off the handcuffs and turn you over so that I can make my sissy fagot suck the scat off the strap on that was in your ass.  How’s does it taste?  My sissy cuckold seems to like licking his own scat off of my big strap on.  Now that I have your undivided attention,  I want my sissy slave to get on his knees and kiss Sabrina’s feet.  With Sabrina as your dominatrix, you will never need a safe word because, I don’t allow my cuckold submissive to have a easy way out of getting punished. Sabrina 1*888*430*2010
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