March 8, 2021

Morgan’s Diaper Humiliation Punishment!

Jimmy vaguely felt himself getting closer to awareness, his mind fuzzy, his body heavy like he had a weighted blanket draped over him. He was so tired, he just wanted to roll over and fall right back to sleep, but when he tried, he was stopped, something wrapped tight around his wrists and ankles keeping him in place. His eyes snapped open to see that… good god, he was in a crib! A huge one, with straps attached to the railings that were what was keeping him in place. He started to freak out, jerking against the cuffs, getting ready to holler for someone, but all that came out was muffled noises… he had some kind of ball gag in his mouth! The panic shot adrenaline through him, burning away the last of the fogginess in his head, and noticing something else odd he looked down his body to see that he had on a pair of diapers. The sight sent him from panic straight into full blown hysteria that made him pull on his restraints even harder, making the railings creak and the crib to smack into the wall over and over. He was making so much noise that he didn’t hear the door opening up behind him, but he definitely noticed the hand that moved to rest on top of the crib railing! He jerked away so hard that if he wasn’t tied up he would have slammed into the wall hard enough to hurt, but it just […]
May 28, 2020

Pleasing Your Sexy Mistress (part 2)

(first part) Greg held on, though, focusing on Mistress Lucy’s pleasure, needing to show her he could be a good submissive, sucking and flicking his tongue against her clit, finger fucking her, and trying anything he could think of to keep from coming. Deep breaths, clenching his stomach, trying to think of anything other than how good she smelled and how sexy her moans were… and then she was coming, her pussy squeezing tight around his fingers, cum gushing out of her to coat his fingers and collect in the palm of his hand. He kept working back on the dildo, waiting and watching for her permission. He wanted it so bad, wanted her watch while he showed off his exhibitionistic kink in front of her, fucking himself on the dildo because she wanted it. She finally caught her breath, looked down at him, and told him to come.  He wrapped his cum covered hand around his cock, and with just a few slick strokes he was coming so hard that it hurt. Do you think you could be a good boy like Greg? Call me, tell me during some fetish phone sex just between the two of us. Mistress Lucy 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy! #domination #submission #kinkyphonesex #mistress
September 20, 2019

Abdl Tied Down To Be Caned

How badly do you need a harsh, dominating and humiliating Abdl Mommy to take you in hand? A dominant female that will have no problem handing out the strict discipline that you need… even if that means you tied down and crying while I bring a cane down across your thighs and ass and back.  Not all babies need that kind of discipline, but if you do, I will make sure that you learn your lessons through severe Corporal Punishment. It won’t matter how much you much you scream, how much you plead and beg for me to stop. I will bring that cane down across your skin until you’re covered in thin, red welts and can’t plead anymore because you can’t even catch your breath for all the sobbing. Have you been just this naughty? Then you need to call me for your Abdl Punishment phone sex to exactly what you need. Tawny 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy! #bdsmmommy #severediscipline #dommymommy
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