July 25, 2015

Sabrina wants to discipline her submissive

Sabrina loves putting her sissy in chastity.  Making my submissive give in to all the teasing I do to him.  Handcuffing him to the bed face down as I spank his ass with a flog.  Domination of my sissy bitch makes Sabrina’s pussy so wet.  Watching you try to fight the pain of getting spanked and sodomized with a strap-on.  Being your dominatrix gives Sabrina so much pleasure.  How’s it feel to be fucked in your ass with this huge strap on?  By the looks of it, my cuckold is enjoying every minute of it.  Now, I am going to take off the handcuffs and turn you over so that I can make my sissy fagot suck the scat off the strap on that was in your ass.  How’s does it taste?  My sissy cuckold seems to like licking his own scat off of my big strap on.  Now that I have your undivided attention,  I want my sissy slave to get on his knees and kiss Sabrina’s feet.  With Sabrina as your dominatrix, you will never need a safe word because, I don’t allow my cuckold submissive to have a easy way out of getting punished. Sabrina 1*888*430*2010
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