July 30, 2015

Adult baby humiliation

How embarrassing is it that you are 19 and your mommy still makes you wear adult baby diapers? When Ms Ava asked me to baby sit for her, I just assumed she had a little baby boy. When I showed up at her door at 6pm, imagine my surprise when a young man about my age answered the door. Having never been to Ms Ava’s home, I thought maybe I was at the wrong house. As I started to apologize to the guy at the door when Ms Ava walked up behind him and opened the door wider and invited me in. I noticed the highchair and the playpen right away, but the highchair was much bigger then I had ever seen before. Ms Ava noticed me staring and looking a bit confused when she started to giggle. I asked where her baby was. That’s when she reached out and grabbed him before he could get away. With his head hung down, Ms Ava introduced me to Tommy. She called him her big baby and said he was not potty trained. I usually hate baby sitting but tonight is going to be my first time baby sitting adult baby cuckold….
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