December 4, 2016

On your Knees

I think some little phone sex sluts deserve to be punished. Especially when they think they don’t have to do anything around the house. You see that light bulb up there? I can’t reach it. So you need to change it. You think that just because I coddle you and make you my little bitch you don’t have to pull your weight around here? You’ve got another thing coming! I”m not just gonna let your slide by and do whatever you damn well please. Fine. Come here and get on your hands and knees. You want to act like a lazy little fuck? I’ll treat you as one! You’re gonna be mommy’s stepping stool. I’m gonna wear my sharpest stilettos and I’m gonna stand on your back and change this bulb. I’ll take my time so you have to stay there and take the pain in your spine. I know a little fucking slut like you would love being used as a piece of BDSM furniture.  Star 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to PHONE SEX ladies #PhoneSexSlut #BDSMfurniture #PhoneSex
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