December 19, 2021

Cherry Loves To Eat Her Berries From Her Own Cunt

I am Cherry and I love to eat lots of different berries from my own cunt.  It does not matter what kind of berries that go in there.  I will go to the store, fully knowing about what is going to happen later when I get inside of the house.  No one on line knows exactly what is going to happen, they probably think that I am going to go and make a salad but ‘boy-oh-boy” are they wrong, lol. I daydream as I stand there in line fully fantasizing about what berry I will use first to push inside of myself and then that is when the creaminess of my pussy begins to happen.  Then I pay for the berries and run to the bus and get home as fast as I can and then I race to the kitchen to wash the berries then I out them all in a bowl (along with a bottle of whipped cream at my side) and I race upstairs to my bedroom, tossing my clothing off of me as I run along to my bed. I wish there was someone here to tie me up and forcefully push the berries one after another into my waiting cunt, but unfortunately I am not so lucky.  It looks like I will have to wait until next time for that to happen. I do indeed love bondage fetish as it really turns me on because it puts me in a vulnerable position where I am […]
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